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Copenhagen, Denmark - A Poke of Pretty
Copenhagen, Denmark

I never made it to Denmark during my time studying in London. Even though I’ve watched the Prince & Me countless times and studied Hans Christian Andersen’s work, I never got the chance to travel to this place I had heard so many wonderful things about. So when my boyfriend told me he had to travel to Copenhagen for work, I gave it no second thought and booked my ticket.

And the 3.5 days of crazy international traveling began!

*IMG_6364 *IMG_6368

We stayed at a cute hotel near downtown Copenhagen called Hotel Sct. Thomas. Compared to the hostel bunk beds I spent many nights in last year, this was a great upgrade!

*IMG_6372 *IMG_6377

We spent our first day in Copenhagen walking around and orienting ourselves in the city. While we only managed four hours of sleep on the plane ride that night, we fueled through the jet lag with many cups of coffee.

Denmark’s national museums are free to the public so we stopped at the National Museum of Denmark to see the remnants of a Viking ship.

I fully embraced the spring weather and wore my go-to spring jacket with a beige sweater from Zara.

*IMG_6388 *IMG_6391 *IMG_6398 *IMG_6402

We ended our first day at Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world. It was like stepping into an old fairytale. The decorations were charming and really brought you into the relaxed, carefree world of being kid. We ate an early dinner at a restaurant inside the grounds, barely able to keep our eyes open.

*IMG_6411 *IMG_6413 *IMG_6434 *IMG_6439 *IMG_6449 *IMG_6455 *IMG_6462

We ended the night by trying wine and chocolate bars from a local store.

The next day, Zach went off to work while I spent the day exploring the famous Danish canals. It was an incredible day with no clouds in site. The Nyhvan, an old canal lined with colorful buildings, really is as stunning as it photographs. I opted to relax my feet in the early afternoon by taking a canal cruise.

*IMG_6476 *IMG_6483 *IMG_6525

After Zach finished working that day, we met up again and got a snack at the Royal Smushi Cafe. I mean, come on. How cute are these sushi-sized smørrebrød sandwiches?

*IMG_6534 *IMG_6540

I layered my outfit up a bit more this day as the temperatures had dropped a bit cooler. My sweater dress from Gap was the perfect balance of warmth when paired with a thick black scarf and leather jacket.

*IMG_6554 *IMG_6557 *IMG_6560

On my last day in Copenhagen, Zach and I wandered outside of the city to Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød. We explored the grounds and surrounding city for a few hours, mesmerized by the beauty of this 17th century castle.

*IMG_6579 *IMG_6582 *IMG_6585 *IMG_6592 *IMG_6606 *IMG_6635 *IMG_6642

This trip will go down in the books as one of my most spontaneous experiences. Surrounded by good food, culture and company, I will cherish these memories forever.



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