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Bluefin Bay in Tofte, MN

Bluefin Bay in Tofte, MN - A Poke of Pretty
Bluefin Bay in Tofte, MN

Two weeks ago, Zach and I celebrated my graduation and the start of summer in Tofte, MN. We wanted a weekend away from the commotion in Madison to simply relax and refresh before the start of summer. After researching the best resorts online, I stumbled across Bluefin Bay, a resort on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Simply put: it’s a must-visit if you’re planning a trip to Minnesota!

On our road trip from Madison to Tofte, we stopped in Chippewa Falls, WI to visit the Leinenkugel’s Brewery. It turned out, no one else wanted to go on a brewery tour at 11 am on a Thursday! So, we lucked out with a private tour of the brewery.



After the tour, we tasted beers in the Leinie Lodge. Zach tried the Indian Pale Lager and I tasted their new Watermelon Shandy. It was a bright, sunny day so we sipped our beers on their outdoor patio.


We continued on our road trip to Tofte, MN. After seven hours in the car together, we just about ran through every genre of music, ranging from 2000s hits to Hamilton to Soul.


Bluefin has a great deal at the start of summer called the “Spring Fever Special” that gets you three nights for the price of two. While I think it’s worth the price regardless, a little bargain never hurts either. We stayed in a studio, where we had a full kitchen, bath and patio door that opened straight to Lake Superior.


I’m not sure what I loved most about Bluefin: the fact that our patio looked straight out to Lake Superior or the countless amenities provided.



These amenities range from bikes, to guided tours, to indoor and outdoor pools. On our first day, we rode bikes through a nearby park that led us to Temperance River.




We also took a guided tour through part of the Superior Hiking Trail.

I find dressing for hiking very difficult. It always has to balance the line of athletic enough for climbing yet thick enough to keep bugs away. For this hike, I chose my Gap leggings, Doc Martens and an oversized plaid button up.

Similar options can be found here:
Gap Leggings
Oversized Plaid Button Up




We cooked most of our meals in our room except for one night where we treated ourself to dinner. We drove to a nearby town, Grand Marais, for dinner. I highly recommend Angry Trout Cafe for a bite to eat. It sits right on the water and features fresh fish right from Lake Superior. Honestly, one of the best meals I’ve had.



On our last night in Minnesota, we walked around our grounds one last time, stopping to eat a few more S’mores.




As the temperature dropped at night, I slipped on my oversized Free People sweater to keep warm.





Thanks Bluefin for a great weekend! We’ll be back soon.

– Emily

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