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2017 Goals

2017 Goals - A Poke of Pretty
2017 Goals

I love this time of the year. It’s the week before and after NYE that I take the time to appreciate my successes and failures of the year, and set new goals in for the new year. It’s the only time when I feel like I have a clean slate to reestablish myself again.

In the last few days, I’ve appreciated all that I’ve accomplished in 2016. To name a few:

  • – Graduating with an undergraduate degree.
  • – Starting a full-time job.
  • – Living on my own in my first adult apartment.

This year, I’m setting small, achievable goals that add positivity to my life.

    • Disconnect. Most days, I get home from work and spend the next 4 hours connected to the TV, my computer and my phone. The only time I’m truly disconnected from the world is when I go to sleep. This year, I want to spend more time connected to the world around me.
    • – On that note, I also plan to read one book a week. This is the first year that I’m no longer taking classes and assigned materials to read. What better way to celebrate this then by picking 52 books of my choosing?
    • Eat and do things that make me feel great. I’m not restricting foods or calories this year. Instead, I want to explore new recipes and workouts that make me feel empowered and good in my skin. Goodbye tummy aches and fatigue… hopefully!
    • Post consistently to A Poke of Pretty. While I haven’t defined “consistent” yet, I’m giving myself the next few months to determine if that’s once or twice or more a week.

Peace out 2016.


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